Thursday, December 04, 2008


So often, the ushers at churches are busy with their responsibilities and aren't paying attention to worship. That was one of the reasons that we weren't upset at our previous congregation when our sons decided that they didn't particularly want to usher. We wanted them to be praying and listening and singing in church, but often the ushers were chatting in the back about various and sundry topics.

At our new congregation, that doesn't happen very often.

During the closing hymn, the deacon and the pastor leave the chancel, down the aisle, to the rear of the nave. The acolyte puts out the candles, and then comes down the aisle too. Since I've been in choir, I have noticed that the pastor stands at the back of church, with his hymnal open (even if he knows the hymn by heart), so that he can share his hymnal with the acolyte when he is done with his candle-duties. Obviously the acolyte is expected to join pastor; pastor points out in the hymnal how far along the congregation is in the hymn; the acolyte starts singing along.

Such a small thing. But it says something to the kids who are acolyting, to the ushers who are standing in back, and to the choir members. We don't "bust on outta there." We don't have something better to do. We are in church; we pray the hymns and the liturgy. Even if there are other responsibilities upon us. We pray.

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  1. Awesome. I love that. Three cheers to your pastor for doing things this way.