Friday, December 05, 2008

Seven Things

Paula tagged me with a meme and a Kreativ Blogger award. Thanks, Paula! I enjoy your blog too, especially the creative things you report from your kids!

I have found copying pictures of blog-awards to be stretching the limits of my ability. I suppose I could figure it out (again!!), but that would mean neglecting some mommy-duties. So if you want to see the award, you'll have to look at somebody else's blog.

The meme calls for

Seven things I did before:
1. Cheer wildly for Illini basketball and football.
2. Gymnastics and pompoms.
3. Read. Books. To myself.
4. Nurse babies.
5. Garden.
6. Sew clothes for myself and my long appendages.
7. Read the newspaper thoroughly.

Seven things I do now:
1. Laundry.
2. House cleaning.
3. Cooking.
4. Sing in choir.
5. Blog too much.
6. Fuss with my glasses on-and-off while I'm still rebelling against succumbing to the need for bifocals.
7. Homeschool two kids.

Seven things I would like to do:
1. Travel in Italy and Greece with Gary, more in the countryside than at the famous historic places.
2. Write a book or two.
3. Learn to relax and not worry about all the things I don't accomplish.
4. Remember how to work the technology (tv, computer, camera, etc) so that my family can teach me these things once each, instead of having to show me a gazillion times.
5. Become near-fluent in German and Greek, and as long as I'm dreaming, maybe Latin too.
6. Play more games with Maggie.
7. Periodically run away to the sunny south to escape the deep, dark days of northern winter.

Seven things that attract me to my husband:
1. That he believes the same doctrine I believe.
2. He loves me.
3. Very cute cheeks.
4. He doesn't waste money.
5. How good he is at fixing things and solving problems.
6. He spends long hours at his job so that I can be a mommy and housewife instead of a wage-earner.
7. When he spends his free time talking to me or helping with the dishes.

Seven favorite foods:
1. Fruit salads.
2. Stir-fry veggies, especially from King Dragon.
3. Seafood alfredo.
4. Sweet-100 cherry tomatoes in August.
5. Chicken breast poached in teriyaki sauce.
6. Hotfresh bread with too much butter.
7. Pizza lentils.

Seven things I say most often:
With the kids:
1. Do you know how many "one" is? Are you sure you can count to 1?
2. Didn't your grandfather teach you that Life Is Not Fair?
3. Did you do your chores yet?
4. Don't ask me again; it's FOOD.
At Bible class:
5. Wait! I have a question!
6. I better go change the load of laundry.
7. Jesus, save us!

Seven people I am tagging:
1. Maggie -- except she doesn't have a husband, so instead it'll have to be two nice things about each of the people you currently live with -- that'll get you close to 7.
2. Polly.
3-7. Uh... if you're reading this and haven't answered the questions yet, you're welcome to join in.

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