Sunday, November 30, 2008

Four Letter S-Word


I was hoping to be able to run away, spend an evening and a morning with the folks in Fort Wayne, and impose upon my parents for Monday evening and a chunk o' Tuesday. (No, Mom, I hadn't invited myself yet. I figured I'd call after church today with my exploratory questions about availability. But I also figure I have a pretty good guess as to your availability.)

And then people at church were talking about the snow and the travel advisories. When I checked the weather forecasts, they'd changed a good deal since my last peek at them yesterday morning. So I guess I will make bread tomorrow instead of hugging a baby and hugging my pa. So much for my grand plans. This might mean we have to do math tomorrow....


  1. Here I was enjoying all the #$*@!

    I made a big pot of soup and some good bread. I admired my children playing outside through the window holding a hot mug of tea. I even told my husband that this is my absolute favorite day of the whole year "the first big snow" (pardon my french).

    But now that I know that it spoiled your travel plans and baby-snuggling time, I feel bad. :)

  2. Once I got over the "oh, huge sigh" part, I must admit that it's awfully pretty out there. And I enjoyed seeing Maggie out there, playing, with the snow forming her hair into dreadlocks. And Gary and Philip and I just came in from clearing off the cars and driveway. There's something peaceful about shoveling in the quiet of the night, while the snow is still falling.

    We've got over 6" so far and it's still coming down, so I guess tomorrow's fresh-air exercise is going to be more shoveling instead of race-walking. LOL.

  3. All we got was a dusting up here....wish we'd gotten 6" but I'm sure we will soon enough. Hope you get to go see your adorable little one very soon!