Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Pastor has often talked about how "testing" in the Bible is to reveal faith. God doesn't "test" someone to trip him up. It's for the sake of showing him (and us) where his faith rests.

In the last couple of weeks, with the stories of the Israelites' wilderness wanderings, occasionally there were places where it says the Israelites tested God. At first glance, what would that mean? But as Pastor said, that too shows what someone believes. When the Israelites "test" God, it shows Him to be faithful to His promises. He does not punish them as they deserve (although He definitely chastises them) but rather holds faithfully to the promises He gave them. So even when someone tests God, it's about revealing that He sticks to what He said instead of treating us according to what we have merited.

He shows to man His treasure
of judgment, truth, and righteousness,
His love beyond all measure,
His yearning pity o'er distress,
nor treats us as we merit,
but lays His anger by. (part of TLH 34:2)

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