Monday, October 06, 2008

Only Two Adults into Canaan

Last week our Bible stories was about the spies coming back from scouting the Promised Land. Ten said the land was just as bountiful as God had told them, but they couldn't capture it. Caleb and Joshua said they would go into the land, and the Lord would give it to them, just as He'd said. The people agreed with the ten. God said, okie-dokie, fine, if you insist on it then you can all die out here just like you say I'm gonna kill you in the wilderness, except for Joshua and Caleb who will go into the Promised Land with your children.

At that point, we hadn't gotten to today's story where Moses profaned God's name by striking the Rock (instead of speaking to it). Earlier, when God said "only Joshua and Caleb; all the other adults will die in the wilderness" Moses had not sinned the sin for which he was banned from entering the Promised Land.

But God knew what was coming.

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