Thursday, October 09, 2008


People who have jaw-clicking in the family or other signs of TMJ trouble should NOT allow their children to chew gum. I didn't know this with Katie, and let her chew and chew and chew for years, thinking that it should be okay because at least she was chewing sugarless gum. I wish I had known then that the gum-chewing I didn't particularly like was something that was actually really bad for her and not just my hang-up.

Hey, you people with my genes! You know what this means when you bring my grandkids into the world!


  1. That's why I keep tictacs or altoids in my purse, and Matt prefers gum. The gum just makes my jaw ache and get stiff...

  2. I don't chew gum anymore, and definitely no children of mine will get any.
    Occasionally (maybe twice a year) I will stick a little sliver of gum on my tongue and suck on it until the flavor is gone, but that's all the gum I get.

  3. I just found some of my favorite gum at the store for really, really cheap! I was so excited. Hey, if my kids can't chew gum because it will hurt them, then that's more for me.