Saturday, October 04, 2008


We have been eating lots of vegetables from our CSA. With a freezer full of beef, a stockpile of flour and yeast, and weekly boxes of fresh veggies arriving, I haven't been doing much routine grocery shopping. This past week I was running low on several staples and hit up the store. Plums looked good and were cheap. I also bought the first bunch of bananas we'd had in several weeks.

Ohhhhh, fruit! I love fruit! I had forgotten how sweet and wonderful it is!

We were given a half bushel of awesome Macintoshes. We started with one of Mom's apple pies, and then a regular apple pie. We managed the next day to make a gallon of applesauce but, because the virus had a hold on me and Maggie, we didn't manage to can it or freeze it. That's okay: with the germies invading throats here, ready-to-eat applesauce in the fridge is providing some great (and easy-to-swallow) nutrition. We also made a strudel,

partially in deference to the word "strudel" being used so frequently in Maggie's Hogan's Heroes episodes, and partially because it's been many years since I made one, and I didn't figure the younger kids knew what a strudel was.

Today Philip was in need of an Apple Betty and asked for a recipe. Recipe??? For Apple Betty? Uhhhh.... I should probably figure that out. I tried to tell him the general concept that I carry around in my head for Apple Betty. But that is definitely one of my wing-it, do-it-by-feel sorta recipes.

Maggie loved the apple strudel. She wants to have it again. It's not like it's super-hard or anything. But after having made the strudels with Andrew, I am realizing again just why we have the cliche "Easy as Pie." The pie and the Betty are so much easier than the strudel. It's probably been a decade since I made the last strudel, and it may well be another decade before Maggie tastes it again. Isn't it a shame how much abuse she must endure?


  1. Ummm.... what's Apple Betty?? :)

  2. What we call Apple Betty is sometimes called apple crisp or other names which currently escape my memory. If you've eaten on your Wednesdays at our house ;-) it would be a 13x9 of lightly sweetened and cinnamonned apples, with a streusel topping of caramelly oats.

  3. Susan, that is weird..*I* looked up Apple Betty just yesterday cause Bekah wanted to know what it was,(now I know why she wanted to know) and I had no idea..Apple Crisp. We LOVE apple crisp..flour, brown sugar, butter, cinnamon and oats to top it off. Do you know you can make it in a crock pot and make everyone happy at potlucks? (blessings as dh calls them)

    What is apple strudel? In your pic it looks like cinnamon rolls not cut before baking...

  4. Lauri, if I make apple Betty (or apple crisp) deep enough to fill the 13x9, I have an unhappy husband. I'd just as soon put 12-15 apples in the dish, cover it with the caramely oats, and bake. But Gary thinks 5-6 apples (a thin layer on the bottom of the baking dish) is fine; he wants plenty of the butter, brown sugar, and oats. So if I put it in a crockpot, Gary would think it was way way WAY too apple-y.

    Apple studel is kinda sorta like a jelly-roll shape of an apple pie, but with a more pastry-ish crust than what you'd put in a pie pan.