Sunday, September 28, 2008


Although we didn't have as many people riding along with us as we'd originally hoped, two of my daughters and I headed off to Indiana this weekend for the other daughter's baby shower. Friday evening we hung out with Katie and Nathan. On Saturday Jane hosted a lovely party, and afterward we hung around and visited with Caseys longer than I probably should've. (It's so good to see them!!) It would've been a great chance to stay longer and see more friends on Monday, but Rachel and I have this "thing" where we really like our hubbies and wanted to grab some time with them this weekend before we roll into another week of busyness where husbands have virtually no time for anything other than work and sleep. At least Matt is done with his regular surgery rotation, and is now assigned to vascular surgery, which means 12-hour days instead of 14-hour days. Rachel is rejoicing! And gee, I thought I didn't see Gary; whew, I have it easy in comparison.

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