Monday, September 29, 2008


Over the last decade or so, I have given up on trying to remove splinters with a pair of tweezers. They just never worked. Instead, I would use a very sharp needle from the doctor to cut the skin over the splinter, and then I'd use the needle to lift out the splinter or scrape it out. It worked just fine ... assuming the splinter didn't go too far down in, but was at least partially horizontal under the skin.

This weekend Gary got a doozy of a splinter, way down deep in his hand, in a place that was easily irritated and made it hard for him to do his job on the computer. We were thinking he'd probably have to go to Urgent Care to have this blasted splinter removed. Instead, while on a run to Walgreens to buy more splints for the torn tendons in his finger, he checked for expensive tweezers. They had some! This is so awesome! You can actually buy tweezers that work, and that can be sharpened so that the points will always meet each other and pinch.

I feel dumb dumb dumb getting all excited about something as piddly as tweezers. But, wow!, it saved us a trip to the doctor; finding a tool that actually does what it's supposed to do is a great find! Especially when it prevents a co-pay to ER.

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  1. Good tweezers are important! I found out when Austin bent our 'splinter forceps' (fancy name for pointy tweezers that dh picked up in the Navy) doing a science experiment. That was FOUR years ago and I haven't been able to replace them.

    I am headin' to Walgreen's tomorrow!