Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yom Kippur

It's late this year. Still weeks away. Usually it's in the second half of September. I'm thinking about this because our Bible story for Friday was Leviticus 16, the Day of Atonement.

Pastor preached in chapel on Friday how the priests pointed to the coming of Jesus, and how the priestly garments pointed to Jesus, and how the mercy seat showed the Old Testament believers something about Jesus, and how the tabernacle foreshadowed Jesus, and how the altar and the sacrifices all pointed to Jesus. All those things find their fulfillment in the cross of Christ. None of them was the real thing, the ultimate thing, in itself. And that's why atonement had to be made, not only for the people and their sins, but also for the altar and the Holy Place.

And that's why I find it lusciously interesting that the Feast of the Holy Cross (September 14) is celebrated right about the same time of year as Yom Kippur was.


  1. We have been studying Leviticus for over a year now in our adult Bible class on Sunday mornings. We were just summarizing this morning the very thing you are talking about. It is all so interesting to me!

  2. Hey - thanks... we just read all that last week, too. That will help me with the kids. Karl's books have been soooo helpful, too. So thanks for your part in all that!