Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blog Awards

Recently (spoken by a woman who is aging rapidly and thus time is flying past!) two friends included me in their lists of blog awards. At the time that Paula gave me the "I Love You This Much" award and when Jane gave me the "Brillante Weblog Premio" award, I was overwhelmed with stuff to do, couldn't think about hunting up people upon whom to bestow the award next, and couldn't remember how to cut-n-paste the pictures of the awards onto my blog. So my apologies to you for not keeping up with the program. Well, I decided that today was the day to say THANK YOU to them, and that I am most honored, and that you guys already pegged many of the people upon whom I would pass on the honor,
... and even though I tried, I still can't figure out how to put those pictures on my blog. All I get is this funny little flat rectangle that has a link to the pictures. So I gave up trying to print the award.  Oh well, I NEVER claimed to be technologically savvy.

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  1. Okay, maybe you aren't tech savvy. But you're still brilliant!