Monday, September 15, 2008

Mamma Mia

With Rachel working at a theatre, we get occasional $1 passes, and thus have been seeing a lot more movies than at any time before in our married life ... even though finding the time to get to a theatre is even harder than paying for it. Anyway, with rain preventing Gary from working on the deck, and with soon-to-expire $1 passes, last week we went to see the Abba-music movie.

It was a cheery and energetic movie. It had Abba songs that I remember enjoying from long ago. But somehow it just wasn't a happy movie. The plot is basically that the mom and daughter were eeking out a living together without the dad. Mom didn't know which man the dad was. Daughter invited all three possible dads to her wedding so that she could figure out which man was her dad. Somehow, as we made our way through the movie, I thought the point was that it was not okay to be raised without your dad, and that the daughter wanted to know her dad, AND to have something better for her own children. One dad didn't want the girl wasting her life and her talents by settling down with a husband. The mom didn't want that either: the daughter had better things to do.

The movie concluded with all parties resolving that it's just fine if we don't know who her dad is, and all the men will just share the dad-ness. And like in Titanic, another conclusion was that the one dad had never been happy with his wife because he was always pining over the girl of his dreams (the mom in this story). And another conclusion was that one of the dads discovered he was actually gay. AND another revolting conclusion was that the girl finally came to her senses, called off the wedding, and decided to just shack up with her honey while they traveled the world.

Okay, you youngsters who liked this movie for the music... WHY does this plot not make you want to throw rotten tomatoes at the screen? Why can the fun music be strong enough to accept this wretched plot?

I think this proves me to be an old fogey.
But I want my 20-something Christian friends to be old-fogeyish that way too.


  1. But I want my 20-something Christian friends to be old-fogeyish that way too.

    Don't worry. Some of us are.

  2. That bugged me too! I mean, why couldn't they have just continued with the wedding and then traveled the world as a newlywed couple? It's not like it would have cost them any more money or time or anything else. The only reason I can see for not doing that is it will be easier for them to break up later on (probably once she's pregnant). Then she can go back to the island and live with her mom and child. (Hmmm...maybe there can be a sequel! ;0) ) She can be just like her mom and live a life of regret of not ending up with her guy. Anyway, I bet she will learn her lesson and at least tell her child who their father is ;0)

  3. A relative took me to see this movie a month or so ago, and I had the same thoughts about it as you. It was the first time I've gone to see a movie in the theaters in a couple years, and it reminded me of why I so rarely bother going.

  4. UGH, Susan. I really wanted to see that movie. I guess I'll buy a cd (used) of their greatest hits instead.

  5. Hey, Evan & Naomi & Liz,
    you guys are encouraging!

  6. Thanks for saving us a few bucks on another disappointing flick, Susan. Like your other commenter, now I remember why we rarely go the movies anymore.

  7. I agree. I thought the ending was revolting.