Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Boys' News

Philip had an oops with the razor Monday. The attachment on the end of the beard-trimmer was not the one he thought it was. Once you cut a hole in your beard, the rest of it kinda sorta has to go. So he is currently naked-chinned. He also had a job interview for something that sounds really good; he'll hear about the hiring decision within a week.

Paul took his math CLEP and passed with an impressive 58! (On a test-scale of 20 to 80, fifty is enough to get college credit.) Much rejoicing commenced when we found that message on the answering machine. He has now met his college math requirements and earned 3 more credits. I luv luv luv the math book we use for Algebra 2. Hooray for Paul's hard work in math this summer!


  1. Those college requirements can bite you in the butt.

    Suppose one does take Calc I in high school. Then one takes Calc II, Calc III, and Diff Eq instead of Calc I, II, and III. You actually meet harder requirements, and GPA may actually suffer for it a little bit. It's a disincentive to learn all you can when companies look at GPA and Major-classes-only GPA.

  2. You're right, Dan. For those taking math-intensive programs, or for whom high GPA matters, then it might be advantageous to keep those blow-off classes in your schedule to earn an easy A. But for those of us who are iffy on whether there can even BE college (due to expense), cutting a year off with cleps and other methods is worth $10-25,000. For those living on the poverty line, that's tremendously important. Because without those savings, college may be entirely out of reach.

  3. Did the beard go before or after the interview?

  4. Before.
    I bet you're glad, Mom. :-)