Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Long Day

Gone 12 hours. Twelve good hours. But still tiring.

Gary took a day off to go with us to see Henry IV. We were happy to hear that Henry V will be playing next summer.
David was surprised by how much Maggie had grown since last summer.

Some interesting things came up in the talk-back about how APT doesn't like to play the plays to tell you what to think about the conclusion. David was saying how it's so easy to force a viewpoint on the audience, and that most companies choose to go that route. But APT likes to leave things more open-ended, so that you get something out of the play that is unique to you and your perspective. Maybe that's why I like their renditions of Shakespeare so much more than other companies' versions; and maybe that's why their plays seem so "Lutheran" to me.

Rachel, did you know Tracy is pregnant? She looks smaller than Katie, but is due sooner. Hey, I guess that's what height does for you. :)

We stopped on the way home and ate the special-of-the-month at Olive Garden. I loved the caprese and Mr Birthday-Boy loved the asiago-garlic alfredo.

The southwest corner of Wisconsin is one of the most beautiful places in the world. If only there were a church nearby that I wanted to attend, it would be a dream place to live.

On the drive over to Spring Green, we passed the Radisson that we stayed at last year (compliments of many dear friends) so that we could shower when we were without our septic system. Seeing the building reminded me of all those loved ones who were so encouraging and supportive during that time.

As thought-provoking as the play was, as lovely as the weather was, as great as the day was, it made me and Gary realize how much we miss being together, and how seldom we see each other and spend time together like we did today. That's the difficult part of the fun-times; it always makes us long for more. More time with each other. Or more time with Tammy's family. More time with Erin's family. More time with Kathy and Laura, or Mom and Dad, or the folks in Indiana. But life just keeps getting in the way of our socializing!

On the way back home, we made a quick stop at the Madison Woodmans. Can't hardly drive by a Woodmans without stopping to pick up a few (or many!) items. We also stopped at Target and picked up a 26" bike for Maggie. The one we chose at the local Target was not quiiite well-constructed, and I wanted to visit a store in another town to buy one that was well-built. So we have high hopes that she will now be able to keep up more easily when we ride to town.


  1. Frank Lloyd Wright country; yes, the most beautiful place on earth.

    Have you been to Taliesin?

  2. No, we haven't, Miss Architecture-Girl. The hotel we stayed at for our 25th anniversary (near APT) had lots of nice photos of FLWright houses. What's oddly coincidental is that during college we lived in the suburb of Chicago where many of his homes are. Katie (the kid who was always most enchanted by architectural styles) got her prothesis just before she turned 18, and the Shriners Hospital we went to was right smack dab in the midst of all those Chicago FLWright homes. Cool.

  3. I'd like to take you, sometime, Susan. I think you'd understand the place better than many people would.

    It's an amazingly spiritual place, which sounds all creepy and new age-y but I mean it in a good way, if that's possible. I'm no fan of Wright's theology (which was damnable; you should see his headstone) but oh, there's no one who understood making light and space and stone sing better than he did.

    Do you know how Kramer Chapel has a sacred feel to it even if you hate modern architecture? How it insists on being "heard" even when it's empty and silent?

    Taliesin is like that. :)

  4. I second the movement suggesting a tour of Taliesin. It's a really, really neat place!

    I do love Southwest Wisconsin, too. My dad and I used to go on "Bargain Nook tours" every once in a while, driving from little town to little town shopping for super cheap Lands End clothes and eating lunch at Culver's. =)

    Come to think of it... have I ever told you of the wonders of the Bargain Nook??? Or do you already know of them? They sell all the Lands End returns plus other donated clothes, often for only a couple of bucks. 5 locations in S. Wisconsin, including Spring Green (which is a cute one) and it's to support a good cause too! http://www.hodancenter.org/retail.html

  5. Anthea, I never heard of Bargain Nook. But we're going to see Midsummer next Tuesday.

  6. Love the picture of David and Maggie. Tell Maggie he's my favorite, too! Boy, that was fun to be there with you the next week! We are never disappointed at APT! So what's our next excuse to get together? :-)