Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Two Kingdoms

Today's selection from Day by Day We Magnify Thee includes this:
Secular authority is an image, symbol, and likeness of the authority of Christ. The ministry of the Word brings eternal justification, eternal peace, and eternal life. The secular authority maintains temporal peace, justice, and life, yet it is a glorious divine ordinance and a wonderful gift of God, who has instituted and appointed it.

Pastor has been talking about how the Kingdom of the Left is still under God's control, and it is how He rules in the world. I guess I used to think that there was the Church and there was the world, and that God ruled in His Church. So I was beginning to get a grasp on the stuff Pastor was saying about God ruling in the world, overseeing governments and nations and police and armies and politicians. But this Luther quote seemed to help clarify things a bit. What God gives eternally through the Church, He gives temporally through the left-hand kingdom.

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