Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"100" -- Fields

These may be obvious species to many of us, but I need my youngest to learn them too. So here's #25, CORN. And this corn is going to feed chickens and cows, and will not be going into anyone's fuel tank.

26 & 27. The crop on the left is WINTER WHEAT nearly ready to harvest. The crop on the right is HAY.

28. A bean field. When I was growing up, and my parents talked about the "bean fields," I always thought it meant green beans. Nope. In the midwest, virtually all the field-crops are corn, hay, wheat, and SOYBEANS. Other crops are seen occasionally. I took the picture of the bean field just as the soybeans were flowering. Aren't the soybean flowers pretty?

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  1. I love the bean fields after they turn yellow. Isn't that the prettiest color? All that golden yellow shining in the late summer sun.

    I like the fields of alfalfa, too. I've always wanted to go walk in it to see what it feels like.