Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I left this morning with the car, to get the emissions test done prior to renewing the license plate. But I left without the paper work and had to run back home to fetch it when I was part-way there. Then I discovered that my memory of where the test-station was was better than what google-maps told me. Not trusting my memory recently, I figured I should check the map, and it took me 20 minutes out of my way because of showing me the wrong location.

Then we were headed off to the beach. Got nearly halfway there and realized I didn't have the beach pass. Turned around to go home and fetch that, frustration levels increasing.

The ugly and foul mouths of the kids at the beach was astounding. Andrew was as offended as I was. I could not believe how brazenly they talked about evil evil things, with potty-mouths. Andrew says that Matrix is the foulest-mouthed movie he's ever seen, and these teenagers made it seem like a clean movie. It's scary to think that these are "nice normal kids."

We had to pick up a few groceries while we were out. But while shopping, we checked a couple of stores for those large, blue, blow-up pools. We really need to check out a different beach or buy something for the backyard. The upper for the day was when I was tooling through the grocery store and saw one of the men from church. I don't even know his name, but he's a sweet man who usually attends on Wednesday nights. And it was just so pleasant to see him there, chat for a minute, and go on. It was, like, look!, there are other Christians wandering around this world full of cranky and/or potty-mouthed folks, and it's not just me and my kids surrounded by bad guys. It was inordinately cheering to see him!


  1. If you can wait on the pool, and withstand a bit more bad language, you should wait until the fall or even next spring to get one. I have seen great deals for those pools on craigslist at those times.

  2. That crossed my mind. On the one hand, I'd like to get these kids outdoors a LOT for the next 5-7 weeks. And we could double-duty the pool by putting it in a place where we could kill the grass now and then plant raspberries and asparagus next spring. But it did seem like I'd get a much better deal if I waited another two months.

  3. Oh, one of the other cheery things of the afternoon was when we pulled into Steins and Menards. The kids said, "Hey, is that Mr Verage?" I dunno; I didn't see him; I was watching traffic. But when I looked back, sure enough, it was a white truck with the right words painted on the side. So there were two people from church out shopping, but we only got to talk to the one of 'em.

    Is it silly to be excited to see somebody's truck when I'm out and about? I remember being so happy once upon a time when I'd bump into Julie F or Annetta K in Woodmans.

  4. The bad language is really getting to me this summer. I'm hearing it lots of places from lots of different kinds of people. Men used to at least watch their language if women were around. Not anymore. And I was out at Jefferson Point last week and heard a group of teenage girls saying things and using words that bothered me for hours afterward.

  5. Yeah, Jane. It's not like I have tender little ears that never hear anything, or that I'm easily offended. But the things the girls were talking about, the lies, the arrogance, the sleaziness, and all that combined with immensely foul choice of words... wow, I just don't hear that kind of stuff around the homeschoolers I hang out with or the kids from Triune or Peace.