Monday, July 28, 2008

General News

Philip started a job today!! Not anything exciting; it's a lot like what he was doing at Borg. He says he'll be building headlights. But it pays. It gives him something to do. And he's done working at 2:45, so that still allows him time to make appointments for interviews for other jobs or for taking classes to gain skills for other jobs.

Dad started chemo last week.

We spent a long and restful Sunday with our goddaughter's family. Ahhh.

I have access to a car today and tomorrow, as Gary's got a ride to work with somebody else. Having a vehicle available makes me feel a little more settled about getting things done that need doing. Still wondering if we should be looking for a car for Paul to take to college. Does it make sense to pray for him to be able to find a good church, but not leave him with wheels and a key?

We went to the beach this morning for sunshine and exercise for Miss Scoliosis. (Hey, that's what you can do when you have a car. LOL.) Less than five minutes after we arrived, she sliced her heel open quite badly. Now it's got one of those "advanced healing" band-aids on it. I hope we can try the beach again tomorrow.

I did a lot of hunting for an in-network osteopath who does manipulations. Can't find one. I guess we're going to have to try out a couple of in-network chiropractors. If I'm not happy with them, I guess we'll just end up paying out-of-network medical costs for little Miss Scoliosis.

Rosie (the cat) continues to improve. She's still sneezing, but doesn't look like she's at death's door anymore. She did, however, get reattached to running water. We were tempting her to drink with any scheme we could; she just needed hydration. So now she's once again begging for the bathroom sink faucets to be turned on to suit her fancy.

Finished off the lettuce from our garden. The cucumbers are coming along. They're itty-bitty, but we are looking forward to cucumber salad soon! Cantaloupe doesn't seem to be setting fruit yet, although I've seen plenty of blooms.

The plum tree has edible fruit, not just ornamental. Mmmmm. Gonna have to find some time to haul out the ladder, pick plums, and make jelly. I botched it with the cherries, so I better not botch it with the plums.

Started a compost pile. Finally. Now I don't have to throw all that perfectly decent garbage into the garbage can.

Last week I visited the doctor recommended by Erin, Cathy, and Becky. I like him. It's such a relief to find a primary-care physician on the first try! I'm so grateful to those who recommended him. I have another appointment scheduled for next week.

I made pesto with the big bag of basil from the CSA. Oh man, that is good stuff! Now, what am I going to do once I get used to these fresh herbs, and then don't have them in November? Hmmm? That's gonna be sad.

Looks like I have a lot of play-time coming up. Jane later this week. Tammy on the weekend. And possibly Barb early in the week. Then if I could squeeze in another trip to my folks while I have Dorothy's car on loan next week ... my goodness, I am just not going to get ANY work done at all. But I'll have lots of happy time for chatting!!!


  1. Speaking of happy time for chatting.... I'm gonna be home for two weeks and fully intend on distracting you from laundry, too!! Sounds like you're actually busy, so I'll work around your (and Rachel's) schedule if you let me know when is good for you!

  2. Think of it as play time. ;o)

  3. Another play opportunity for you... a certain congregation not too far from your dad's will be installing their new pastor at 3pm the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. (Aug 31st.) We'll be doing Vespers and the singing will be good... :)

    Praying your dad tolerates the chemo ok. :-(

  4. So, I've never made nor do I think I've ever had pesto. How do you make it and what do you eat it with?