Thursday, September 27, 2007


Somewhere in the Confessions (I'm too lazy to look it up right now) it says that the Holy Spirit comes only through the Word. God's Word is the only way we can know Him.

Jesus said (Luke 24) that is was necessary not only for the Christ to suffer and rise, but also that repentance and forgiveness be preached. That makes sense if the preaching is the only way we can know God.

Different words, different preaching
= different god.

So if two pastors disagree about doctrine, does make any sense at all for one to accuse the other of being "too picky about words"? I mean, hey, you might disagree. You might disagree vehemently. But if words are the only way we know God and know His anger at sin and know His heart of love, then doesn't it make sense that the WORDS we use to bespeak this doctrine are THE VERY THING WE SHOULD BE PICKY ABOUT? Can't people confront and discuss their differences without writing them off as "pickiness"?

don't anybody mention
homo-ousios versus homoi-ousios.
Or Luther being stubborn about the word IS.


  1. Pr. Charles Lehmann told me that to find that concept you're looking for, search for the term enthusiasts.

  2. It's in the Smalcald Articles, at the point where Luther discusses the benefits of Confession and Absolution, the Absolution in particular being an external Word of the Gospel.

    As I recall, he makes a similar point in the Large Catechism, when he speaks of faith standing upon the Word of God in the water of Holy Baptism.