Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Glasses

The world seems to be getting fuzzier and fuzzier. Especially those stoplights at night! Since we're beginning to wonder how much longer we'll have health insurance, I decided I'd better make an appointment to see the eye doctor while it's still covered. Happily, he reported that my nearsightedness is the same in one eye, slightly improved in the other.

But he said I need bifocals.


I don't want bifocals. I had a hard enough time adjusting to these new [smaller] glasses two years ago, where I can see out from under the lenses. And Gary was just totally sick to his stomach when he was trying to adjust to bifocals. When he was so miserable with his new glasses, even after weeks of trying to adjust, I decided I was going to get reading glasses for years until I was thoroughly disgusted with the switching back and and forth and just couldn't take it anymore.

I now have on order a nice pair of Harry Potter frames with little-old-lady lenses in them. They're actually pretty cute. And unlike a couple of guys I know, my reading glasses and regular glasses look different enough that I'll know which is which.

Y'know, if they hadn't changed the hymnal on me, I wouldn't be struggling with my "new" [aka "two-yr-old"] glasses, and I wouldn't be in need of bifocals now. But nooooo.... they had to sneak new words into my hymnal just when my eyes get too old to change their focus. [mumble crab grouse murmur complain]


  1. Dad and I both have the progressive bifocals. After the first week, we like them SO much better than lined bifocals - especially at the computer, where neither top nor bottom seemed right.

  2. Susan, is the place to purchase your glasses. They start at $8. If you need bi-focals, they start at $25.00.


  3. Erich -- glasses online? But you can't try on frames! I'm too vain to take potluck on how glasses might look on me. And I don't WANT bifocals. Right now, CHP has coverage on glasses. But I should hang onto that website for later. Thanks!

  4. Susan, If you have a tough time getting used to the bi-focal glasses, you might want to look at the bi-focal contact lenses. It took me about 30 minutes to adjust. They were also about $350 cheaper.