Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wisdom Teeth

So Maggie's scheduled to have her wisdom teeth out on Friday.  We've been trying to decide between laughing gas and the IV sedation.  Her teeth aren't impacted, and she actually has room for her wisdom teeth.  But vcfs folks have teeth that rot.  She's had molars erupt with decay already in them.  One of the wisdom teeth did too.  So it seems best to get rid of those teeth that are waaaaay back in the back of her jaws.

Two weeks ago she caught a cold/cough from one of the kids in preschool.  Of course, with her immune deficiencies, she is still coughing away.  Two nights ago, she had that inbreath that sounds like whooping cough.  (We went through this last year, and it wasn't whooping cough; don't panic.)  Yesterday she discovered that her inhaler helped.  So now we're wondering if we have to postpone the oral surgery, or alternately if her cold will determine which kind of sedation she needs.

What really struck me was something the nurse said when I was consulting with her yesterday.  "Well, it's still three days away.  Call us on Thursday.  It's very likely she'll be fine by then."  In two days?  Things could change in two days?  Oh.  Yeah.  I guess for most people, that's realistic.  But for Maggie, I'm thinking, "Good grief, why would I expect things to be improved in only two days?!"

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