Friday, April 13, 2012

Ann Romney and Michelle Obama

So the first lady had to work outside the home because the Obamas couldn't afford the luxury of having her be a stay-at-home mom. 

And Mrs Romney stayed home and raised five kids, having to cut expenses in the early years, just like normal people.

So one family feels the need to increase income.  The other family decides to stick with the income they have and make sure they live within their means.  Does this tell us anything about how they'll handle the nation's budget?


  1. I just read your post to Phillip. He is still applauding.

  2. This post should be published in every News Paper in our Nation. It is so true! Thank You!

  3. I'm late to the party here - but I think it's somewhat ingenuous to think of the Romeys cutting corners in the early years. Mrs. Romney states that after they married they didn't have to work due to investment funds her husband had - and help from parents to buy a house. The two situations aren't comparable in my mind because Romney had many benefits of a financially secure childhood that gave him some built in advantages. I'm not supporting President Obama in any way here - I just think it's more complex than one family sticking to their means and another not doing so. The Romney family was also interested in increasing their income; that's how they accumulated their sizeable wealth.