Friday, February 17, 2012

I Didn't Cry

Gary's installation is scheduled for the early service on the day of the Goods and Services Auction.  That's an annual fund raiser for our congregation's school, and because of the time-frame for the auction, early service is VERY heavily attended that day, and late service has abnormally light attendance.  This makes the planning ideal: many people will be able to attend the installation.

It also means the "celebration dinner" will be just part of the party atmosphere at the auction.  Our first couple of years we didn't attend the auction.  One year we volunteered to work but didn't eat dinner at the country club.  Another year we were invited as guests of another family.  It sure is fun to be there!

So this morning, I'm filling out the reservation for our table and hauling out my checkbook to pay for our tickets.  Someone came along and saw what I was up to.  "NO," she said.  She told me I couldn't do that.  She told me it would be nonsense for us to pay for tickets for "our own party."    I don't quite know what happened.  I'm not sure who's paying for our dinners.  But we aren't.

I remember discussions about the turkey-dinner fund raiser at our former congregation.  I remember being told we had to attend, that it was outlandish when someone suggested tickets be given to the pastor's family, and that this whole thing occurred when the congregation owed the pastor nearly two thousand dollars in back pay and mileage reimbursements.

Toto, we're not in Kansas any more.
Is this heaven?

(I know that this congregation is full of sinners.  Sometimes we bump into each other and grate on each other.  But forgiveness reigns.  And somehow, that actually makes a difference in people's lives and the entire atmosphere around the place.  This is a weird weird congregation, full of laughs and love and kindness.  Once in a while I have to blink back tears.)


  1. Susan, you are right!
    It is one of the weirdest congregations I've been a member of as an adult. When a youngin', I didn't pay too much attention, but those two congregations seemed very much like a big family to me.

  2. What struck me when we joined was the lack of gossip! Information is passed on among the members, sure, but it is usually meant to help either the person talked about or to help another better understand the reason why something happened. I haven't seen much of the oh-you-have-to-hear-this kind of talk around these people.

    Can you imagine being in a congregation where the pastor could tell a parishioner that they were violating commandment eight with gossip, and it would be taken well? I bet that could happen here. It is a weird congregation.

    I think the behavior we are seeing comes from a people willing to be catechised, and then an excellent shepherd doing his job. It is great that Gary will be able to officially be part of this shepherding!

  3. Love it, Susan. So happy for you guys.