Friday, February 17, 2012

Violating Consciences -- What's the Big Deal Anyway?

Don't make me sin.  The laws of the government ought not force people to transgress God's laws. 

Why not? 

Is it because I want to keep my holiness?  (Picture me with my nose in the air and my chest puffed up.)  "Oh, I'm so good and so pure.  I don't want to do anything naughty so that God would zot me."


The reason Christians don't want to be forced to sin is because of the other guy.  We don't want other people damaged.  We want to show mercy.  We yearn for others to know joy.  We desire that they live in peace. 

Is God going to send me to hell because my taxes are helping to pay for abortions?  Of course not.  But babies are dying.  When the government forces me to sin, it's not my own personal problem, but it's even more about the damage that is inflicted upon my neighbor.

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