Sunday, November 21, 2010

Interview Results

The job interview went well. I liked the manager of the branch. But what I liked most is that this is a job that appears to have no ethical dilemmas for me. I'm sorry if this is offensive, folks, but I would have a very hard time working at McDonalds, selling pop and burgers on white buns. And I would have a hard time working at Kohl's, where you have to convince a certain number of people to take credit cards if you want to be scheduled for more hours. My heart leapt when the manager was describing to me that our bank does not push credit cards and push loans; yes, they offer them, and when people want those things we'd prefer they get them from us rather than a competitor. But we don't try to sell people on a product that will not be to their best interest. The manager and personnel director also talked about the importance of family and how the job should take us away from family as little as possible. And they told me that they are closed for holidays and will never open on Sundays as some banks are beginning to do.

They offered me the job. Training week (full-time) starts December 6. After that I suppose it will seem like a vacation to go to half-time.

Luckily I found a black blazer at Goodwill with unreasonably long sleeves; they actually come down to my wrist. But finding professional-looking shoes is going to be another problem -- orthotic inserts, plus something in my bizarre size. I think the entire paycheck for the full-time week is going to go for a pair of shoes (well, that and the taxes ...).

You know what? Every time we have a major change in life, it is preceded by a van wreck. Next time there is a huge change in the wings, I think I'm going to walk everywhere.


  1. Every. single. time. I think about having another child, we suffer some large financial crisis.

    Pssst! If you roll up too short long sleeves once or twice, it looks like you're on-purpose wearing them 3/4 length, and the fact that they are short doesn't show.

  2. If I wear my too-short long sleeves rolled up once or twice, they're above my elbow. But yeah, for turtlenecks and things like that, my sleeves are usually shoved up a bit, so that they look like they've been shoved out of the way and you can't tell how ridiculously short they'd be if they were down where they belonged.

  3. Well, that's great news! (I think, right?) Laughing about how we all wear our sleeves pushed up... same story here... There's a really nice Good Will around 18Y and 94. We really made out there last Sunday. Which one do you go to?

  4. There's a Salvation Army just around the corner from our dentist and orthodontist. And the Goodwill is near the big shopping corner with the Aldi, Walmart, Fleet-Farm, and everything else.

  5. Great news! Welcome to a new season of life! I am still adjusting. ;-)