Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Most Expensive Hamburger Ever

Yesterday started with difficulty. But we did some schoolwork, and that was good.

We went to a public health immunization clinic to begin catching up Andrew on his shots before he starts nurses' training. Happily we discovered that the rules changed and that they now allow 18-yr-olds to get shots at public health. Not only that, he pays at the kids' rate for 10 more months. We should be able to get him caught up by then if we're diligent about being there nearly every time.

Then we hit the library and bumped into one of Andrew's bosses. Andrew introduced me, and Ken had so many good things to say about Andrew and his intelligence and his work ethic. He said they'd love to have all their employees be just like Andrew. Yeah! So that was happy.

Then I had to make a trip over to Watertown to pick up our quarter of a beef. A suicidal deer crossed the highway. I saw her and slowed down a lot before we collided. (Shoot, I wonder now, if I had gunned it, maybe she would have just clipped the back of the car instead?) I am fine; the van was drivable; the airbag did not deploy. I came home, put the beef in the freezer, and noticed the engine steaming. This morning we discover that we need to fix
-- the headlights
-- the left blinker
-- the grill
-- the radiator
-- the condenser for the AC (optional)
-- the hood (optional).
There's no insurance; this is the van that was totaled when a guy blew off a stop sign directly in front of me three years ago. So we get to pay for this out of pocket or start hunting for a new vehicle or start walking/biking.

After I pay the farmer who raised the cow, the butcher, and the car repairs, this is going to be $10/pound hamburger. Do you ever wonder why you even try?


  1. Oh, Susan. Yes, I wonder. Hard not to. But I am so, so, thankful no one (except the car) was hurt. At least you can eat that $10/pound hamburger. But what a huge frustration. Stupid deer. What ever happened to jumping off a cliff? Or walking out into the middle of the lake? What's with this "let's cross the road and see if a car mows me down" nonsense? Sheesh.

  2. I saw a segment on the news yesterday about deer accidents. They showed some of the people and their injuries. I'm sorry about the van, but thankful you are not hurt!

  3. I'm so sorry, Susan.

    We have comprehensive coverage on only one of our cars, the car my Dh drives most often for work. If we hit a deer in one of our other cars, we're in big doo-doo.

    Too bad you couldn't have taken Suicidal Deer home to put in your freezer.

  4. EC, someone else told me at choir the same thing: I should have called the police so that they could tag the deer and I could take it home. But I wanted to go to church and choir. And I had a quarter beef in the back of the car already; where was I going to put a dead doe? And it wouldn't fit in the freezer, given that I was just bringing home the beef, which topped off my freezer space. And I didn't see the doe; she wasn't on the road, so I would have had to look for her in the ditch or in the field, in the dark. The venison would have been nice, but it just wouldn't have worked out in those particular circumstances.

    Car will be ready for pick-up on Monday. One of the parts wasn't delivered today.