Monday, July 26, 2010


Today we
- picked, washed, and snapped beans
- picked tomatoes
- made awesome salsa
- dug one hill of potatoes
- did the banking
- managed to submit health insurance receipts online
- bought milk
- made oxtail broth
- washed sheets
- washed towels
- did all the rest of the laundry
- deadheaded daisies
- sent Andrew to the orthodontist
- made granola
- bottled kombucha
- read a chapter of Betsy together
- listened to great ideas from friends who "consulted" about rearranging the house
- rearranged the living room splendidly

What we also needed to do, but didn't get to:
- giving Maggie another buttonhole on her blouse
- mending two tanktops
- prepping for a workshop next week
- another attempt at that fudge we messed up last week
- raking the hay from Saturday's post-storm mowing
- staining/sealing the deck
- continuing work on patching the driveway and sealing it
- cleaning out Andrew's closets and spare dressers
- sorting books to take with me to Ft Wayne next week, in hopes of selling them
- housecleaning
- moving bookshelves
- taking Maggie for an adjustment on her glasses
- making bread
- flushing the water heater
- making soap

Well, I certainly won't be bored tomorrow when the kids are off swimming with friends!

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