Friday, July 30, 2010

My New Living Room

My old living room: hand-me-down furniture from our doctor's waiting room combined with a lovely, rich, red wall paint. As beautiful as the red walls were, they were dark. Not good in winter. And seriously not good with the comfy couch I snagged from Salvation Army.

And the new couch with the old walls:

Some friends came yesterday and painted the living room. They advised me earlier in the week as to how to rearrange the furniture in the living room. (We replaced two loveseats with one full-sized couch.) The paint color is "Northern Lights" and is an off-white in the pink family. It's sort of a non-descript color: in the one photo the paint looks pinker than it is, in another photo bluer. And here is the beautiful result of their work:

Andrew was looking through different artwork and icons we have, trying to decide which ones should go on the walls and where we need to put up nails. We can wait a few days on that.

It feels like there's so much more space in the living room! And aesthetically it's so much more comfortable! I'm so thankful!


  1. That's the ugly couch? It must photograph well! Looks just fine!

    And YAY for the new room and the friends who helped!!!

  2. Amazing how just coordinating the colors makes the "ugly" thing all of a sudden work just fine! YAY!

    (I've tried to convince many people of this concept before they gutted 50's era bathrooms with color tile. Some have listened, some have not.)