Thursday, July 29, 2010

Invading Turkey

The lone turkey came a-wandering into our backyard. Athena was enthralled. She sat and watched. And waited. The bird came closer and closer, apparently oblivious to the cat's presence. And then we tried to get a picture. Gary quietly went out the FRONT door, but that was enough to distract Athena, and her movement sent the turkey sauntering in the opposite direction.

I wonder what would have happened if we'd just been perfectly quiet and perfectly still and waited to see what the animals would have done.

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  1. A few winters ago we had a family of turkeys take up residence on the church campus. I don't know exactly where they were living--we have a pretty big campus with a creek and small forest and lots of brush, etc. We would see them from time to time. One Sunday morning it was particularly frigid and they came up to the side church entrance and stood there. I'm sure they were trying to get warm. We joked about the unusual visitors we had that day. Can't say we threw our doors open and made them feel welcome. :-)