Monday, June 21, 2010

Nutrition-Nazi Bakes for the Neighbor

A very large dead branch came down out of the crab-apple tree shortly before vacation. We haven't gotten around to dealing with it yet. I did mention to Andrew once that we (read: he) should trim the twigs and begin sawing the branch into logs. But we (read: he, to escape my nagging) hadn't gotten to it yet.

Our neighbor Doug was outside today, trimming trees. Taking down branches. Chopping them up with a chainsaw. Wow..... Do you know how much faster chainsaws are than handsaws? Let me tell you, it is a LOT faster!

I was trying to get up my nerve to go over there and propose a barter: a couple of loaves of hotfresh bread in trade for his taking a few minutes with his chainsaw to turn that branch into a few fireplace-sized pieces. But before I did, he came over and offered! (Isn't that must mega-sweet?!?)

After picking up the logs, I told Doug of my ponderings 20 minutes earlier. He said I didn't have to do that, it was no problem, and all those nice neighborly things. I asked him whether I should make white or whole-wheat if I were to make them some bread anyhow. He said white.

So it's rising.

It looks funny. It's all .... well .... WHITE.

I feel like I'm giving him something that will hurt him. He does something so nice and I turn around and give him WHITE bread. I feel like a bad person.

(Wow, this really makes me realize what nutso I am.)


  1. Pbbblttt! Homemade white bread is still WAY WAY WAY WAY better for the guy than store bread!

  2. Good point. Real butter instead of Crisco. No HFCS. Unbleached flour instead of bleached. And I snuck in a little wheat germ and oat bran -- I just couldn't help myself!

  3. My husband says to me, "See, you're not the only one."

  4. I hope you didn't bake it too long--I do every time I try to make something for other people using mostly white flour, because it just doesn't look done. ;)

  5. Angie, I've done that too. I was careful to set the timer, and to check doneness by tapping the bottom of the loaf -- ignoring color. LOL.