Thursday, June 24, 2010

Singular or Plural?

Have you ever noticed how many times in the Bible a plural pronoun is attached to a singular noun?

It says "our mind." Not "our minds."
It says "their heart." Not "their hearts."
It says "our life." Not "our lives."

Some "translations" are not really translations, and they [cough] "fix" these so-called grammar mistakes in the original language. That's naughty. There's a reason our Bibles ought to keep these mixed-number passages that would drive an English teacher batty.

We are a reflection of the Trinity who is a community of loving persons in the one Godhead. We in the Church are joined together to be one body of Christ. We are of one mind. We have one life.

It rejoices the heart to come across these little tidbits in the psalms and the epistles. Just the inconspicuous little lack-of-an-S on a noun ... and it quietly points to how we are all joined to Christ in one mystical union.

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