Monday, June 21, 2010

Thinking about a Job

I keep checking the want ads, just in case something perfect shows up. And wow! Did I see a nifty-looking job this weekend! Now I need to decide whether to apply.

The job is to run the program that provides history fieldtrips to schoolkids. It would involve teaching in a "1917 schoolhouse" and also taking the kids to a 1860s museum a short walk away from the schoolhouse. Can you say "mega-fun"???

The upsides are that it sounds tremendously interesting to teach grade-school kids about living history. And that it's got lots of variety in the job (including planning the program, billing, communicating with the teachers who will be bringing their classes, and the actual teaching days).

It's a half-hour from home. Not exactly as close as I'd hoped to be for a job. But not too bad.

The downside is the amount of responsibility and time required. It's half-time, which is more than I'd want to put in for Andrew's last year (aka, catch-up and finish-it-off year) of homeschooling. And it involves marketing the program, talking it up in the community, finding schools to participate, enlisting volunteers, writing for grants to keep the program up and running, and otherwise promoting it. I'm not much for selling things, but as Gary said, maybe this is not pushing the program so much as letting people know it's there and the benefits of participating.

Yesterday afternoon, I was all gun-ho to fill out an application and go apply in person right away. But after I discovered the job description online (that is, the marketing aspects of the job) now I have a lot more to consider. It sure sounds like this would be the ideal job for me in so many ways! But am I ready to take on this much responsibility already, or do I need to wait another year when I'm down to homeschooling only one?


  1. Is this Ye Olde School at Cedar Creek in West Bend? If so, that's a TERRIFIC program. I took the EGL 1st graders there every year. It was tradition.

    Sara K.

  2. Yes, that's the place. Do you know how it compares to Pioneer Village at Ozaukee County Historical Society? (I'm trying to imagine promoting YOS when there's another very nice program so near.)

  3. My first experience with Pioneer Village was this year. I took the K-4th grade classes to the village at the end of the year. It, too, was very nice.

    I have not experienced the one room school house program at Pioneer Village, so I can't help with that aspect.

    The house museum at Cedar Creek is phenomenal and beautiful!

  4. Thanks, Sara! I still haven't called for more information; I've been coughing for two days. (That wouldn't make a good first impression.)