Monday, February 08, 2010

Wisdom Teeth

Andrew's home from his extractions. At first he was insisting that he didn't go to sleep during the surgery; the doctor and nurse thought otherwise. General anesthesia does tend to put a person to sleep. (Philip and Katie, did you guys have general anesthesia or just local? I don't remember your wisdom teeth being like this.) After Andrew saw the clock and how much time had passed, he thought maybe he did go to sleep for the surgery after all.

Andrew's doing well. He's watching tv and icing his cheeks.

The weirdest thing about the morning was that Maggie fainted. When we were removing Andrew's gauze packs and checking the level of his bleeding, it didn't set well with her. And pretty soon I saw her going. I caught her and broke her fall so she didn't hit her head or become injured in the fall. But that was weird. I've got one home from oral surgery, not barfing, not fainting, coping just fine, and it's the other one who crumples.


  1. And the one who fainted is the one who has had open heart surgery...

    I'm glad they're both okay!

  2. Susan, This didn't occur to me before, but if you are familiar with homeopathy: Arnica (bruising and pain), Hypericum (St. John's Wort)(nerve pain) Symphytum(Comfrey)(general healing of tissue and bone)are particularly good for tooth extractions.

  3. Wouldn't it be fun to have Maggie in Karen's room when she deliveres. BOTH Karen and Robert pass out with blood. We could just start lining them up on the floor. (Well, I guess Karen would have a bed.) Glad to hear Andrew's doing okay.

  4. Cheri, I have comfrey leaves here. How would we use them, though?

    Rachel, exactly my thought. I'm going on the theory that we often bear our own suffering better than watching our loved one's suffer. Maggie didn't quite know what to think of that when I floated it past her.

    Mom, she's never done that before. Nothing like that. And I think she's fretting about next time somebody mentions blood.

  5. I had local anethesia that started to wear off because the first tooth took them so long. It's still one of my most vivid memories, I remember that pain more than labor.

  6. Katie, when the canning jar exploded in my hand, that was definitely more pain than labor with any of you! As you said, definitely a vivid memory.

  7. I may be remembering wrong, but one of my teachers said that they don't use a knock-you-out anesthesia for that kind of surgery. She said you're actually still lucid, and you can follow directions like "Open your mouth" and such, but you don't form any memories.

    Also, I once went with Amanda Pearl when she got her ears pierced (I forget which time), and I freaked out and had to hold the teddy bear. (Of course, I was younger then and more squeamish.)

    I remember when she got her wisdom teeth out, too... she was absolutely miserable for days. I remember setting the timer so I could tell her when to take medicine again. (I was probably about six.) And then Naomi got hers out and it was easier, and when Nat got his out he barely even took the pain medicine because (he said) it didn't really hurt much. I'm hoping this means when I get mine out (pretty soon now...) it'll be more pleasant than anything. :)

    (Sidenote that possibly nobody will appreciate: I've just finished rereading some Robin McKinley, and I see it's made me long-winded. Very interesting.)

  8. Maggie, Andrew was knocked out. He had more drugs than just the pain-block and the amnesiac. They were particularly concerned about the one tooth that was completely sideways, because the roots were very near the main nerve in his jaw. But it came out fine and he has no numbness.