Wednesday, February 10, 2010


When I was in teen choir at church, we went on tour each year. One year we headed west and visited Pueblo CO and Pikes Peak. When I arrived back home, I bubbled over with how beautiful the mountains were!

Dad told me that, when he came home from his military stint in Texas, he thought he'd never seen anything so beautiful as those flat fields of corn for as far as the eye could see. And let me tell ya, when you're in central Illinois, the eye can see a long, long, long way.

I didn't understand. It's just flat fields of corn. And little silos here and there. And elevators every 10 miles or so. What's so beautiful about that?

And then I went to college. In Chicago. Where there are buildings. Lots of buildings. No horizon. No sunsets. No space. No fields of corn. No stars at night because of all the lights.

One day Gary and I were driving down home to visit the folks. You know what???? There was a horizon out there in the country! You could see the whole sky! And miles and miles and miles of corn. Beautiful fields full of corn and beans.

Dad was right.

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  1. I lived in NE Iowa 20 or so years ago and, although I thought that part of Iowa was beautiful, I missed being able to see the horizon. Too many trees and hills. I love the mountains and trees, but to me, seeing the sunset over a lush field of corn or beans is absolutely one of the most beautiful scenes. I would miss my flatland if I ever had to move.