Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Buying Shoes?

I've been in Birkenstocks all day every day for over nine years.

Today I saw the podiatrist. He diagnosed metatarsalgia. Because I have been doing all the right things to keep the problem from getting worse and coping with the pain, the next step is orthotic inserts. The first step in that will be to see if they'll be covered by insurance (probably not) and try to convince them of the necessity. Next step would be getting the inserts. And then comes something that I don't even know how to think about.

Buying shoes.

For nine years, my only choice in shoes was whether I wanted two straps or three straps on my sandals, and whether I wanted them in navy, black, or brown. Now I'm going to have to find some lace-up shoes. The options are overwhelming.

what will I do about church? As the podiatrist and I conversed about my pain and the past solutions and the current options, he mentioned that you can't wear sensible shoes all the time. For instance, you can't wear Birkenstocks to a wedding or to an anniversary party.

Hmm. I guess if your feet hurt badly enough that you're willing to look ultra-dorky by wearing Birkenstocks to your daughters' weddings, then maybe you really do need the orthotics. Do you think the health insurance company will see this as compelling evidence?


  1. I hate shoe shopping! My feet are very, very particular. A month or so ago I had to get dressier shoes to wear with dress pants at work. I ended up with Born. It is a lace up shoe. Very comfortable. Didn't even have to be "broken in". But it looks kind of like a man's dress shoe. But if my feet are happy...I'm happy!

  2. Insurance has never paid for my orthotics. :-(
    I get by with the orthotics all week and then wear Birkenstocks or my dress shoes (ha,ha!) for 3 hours on Sunday. They also told me to NEVER go barefooted. I wear the orthotics from time I get up until I get in bed at night. Hope they help you like they havae me! I trust no one but Van when I buy shoes.

  3. Laurie, I'm glad you found something. I tried looking up Born online. Wow! Lots of choices. But I'm not seeing any long enough for me.

    Mom, it did cross my mind that my Birkenstocks could still be my "dress" shoes. And it did cross my mind that I could visit Van instead of buying shoes here. Seems silly to make a 10-hour round trip to buy shoes. But I trust him. And after all, there ARE some other attractions in CU.

  4. Birkenstock makes lace up shoes. Also, there are companies who can rebuild a pair of Birkenstock to accommodate custom orthotics.

    I've tried Born on in the stores. The arch is always in the wrong place (too far toward the heel), and not nearly high enough. Ditto for Clarke.

    Many of Land's End's shoes are made w/ removable insoles so that they can accommodate orthotics.