Friday, January 29, 2010

Store Bread

The last time I made bread was more than two weeks ago. Andrew and I were out of town in Fort Wayne for symposia, and then we trekked over to Mankato and were gone for another two days. The freezer was gradually emptied of its loaves of frozen homemade goodness. I actually resorted to buying bread from the store yesterday.

This morning I'm mixing and kneading away, and Maggie comes in, takes a look, and asks about the rest of the store-bread. She likes it. You can taste the cheese in the grilled cheese. You can taste the peanuttiness of the peanut butter. You can taste the delicious jam on the toast. In other words, the home-made bread has too much flavor, and she prefers the air-bread.



  1. Ah-deja vu all over again!
    My kids used to complain about the "brown bread", too!... and the brown pasta,unpeeled potatoes and carrots,etc.

  2. Ha! Sometimes that is exactly how I feel too! It is not just kiddos. lol