Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Blind Side

Gary and I went on a date tonight. Yes, we did. We went to the optician and picked out bifocals for each of us. (As Kathy said, this is what's known as growing old together!) Then we used movie passes to watch The Blind Side, and then used a gift card to get a treat at Applebees. How 'bout that for some excitement? And I'm not being facetious. Those of you who think I am, just wait till you're as old as we are. So there.

The movie was great. I can't think of any movie I liked better; it's as good as Anne. Everybody told us we'd like this movie, that it was exactly our cup of tea, and they were right. It was funny. It was sweet. It was encouraging. It was decent. It had sports to root for. It had Ferdinand. But the funniest part was Sandra Bullock's portrayal of a no-nonsense Southern momma. She was perfect. I wonder if the movie would've been as funny if we hadn't spent that year in Mississippi and seen mommas exactly like the heroine in the story. It was such a crack-up!

Even though we pulled off a trip to the theatre to see this movie, it's staying on our Netflix queue so we can watch it again as soon as it's available on dvd.


  1. I love Ferdinand! I had to buy a hardcover copy when Mary and I did Five in a Row. I actually remembered checking it out of the library as a kid, but didn't remember the title until then! Glad to hear you liked the movie. It has left our local theatre, so it'll stay on our Netflix queue for a while (aren't you glad you finally subscribed?) John and I have two free movie coupons for our local theatre, and a TGIFriday's gift card, so, hot date coming up soon! I always thought free dates were better than the expensive ones.
    BTW, have you seen The Ultimate Gift? We watched it last night, from Netflix, and I want to buy it.

  2. We watched The Ultimate Gift about a year ago, and I liked it. I don't like the little girl in the movie (the actress, I mean), but I liked so much of the rest of the story, and especially the premise of the young man learning perseverance and hard work.

    I like free dates too! Have a great time with your sweetie!

  3. Cin and I saw it last week too - a similar "date!" It was really a first class movie. I've never lived in Mississippi, but I happen to KNOW some southern mommas. Yeah. 'Nuff said.