Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Every year, Grandpa would make cut-out sugar cookies and springerle for Christmas. He would make huge batches and then mail a sizable box of cookies to each kid's family. When he and Grandma downsized and moved into the retirement village, the springerle roller came to us. It is in Rachel's possession. We didn't make springerle last Christmas. Paul was missing the treat/tradition and decided he'd tackle the project.

We borrowed a recipe from Barb (which was more complete than the recipe Rachel has from Grandpa). Barb also warned us not to cook them too done. They were delicious!

Paul had intended to mail some cookies to Grandpa. Oops. They were so good. And it was a single recipe instead of a double- or triple-batch. And suddenly... uh... suddenly there weren't any cookies to be sent to grandparents. Hmm. Maybe we can make a bigger batch next year and remedy that.


  1. Does Paulrus need an apron?

  2. 1) The only one we have is pretty girly.

    2) I don't think that would keep the flour out of his hair. :)

  3. I want to make myself an apron- I could make him a classy plain black one when I finally do (and then you could have all the boys use it when they cook)!

  4. I think he should put on the pink, flowered bib that's on the table.