Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Of gifts and of unbelief

So now and then maybe I worry a little about money. Maybe.

So we received several nice-sized checks around Thanksgiving and Christmas, gifts from family and some anonymous gifts. Alongside the gratefulness for the gift itself and especially the gratefulness that there are people who love us so much as to give us the gift, I also felt kinda guilty for not trusting God to provide for us. So I spend the next few weeks living in faith and joy.

And then Gary comes home with a report about something that happened at work (something that probably would not affect him anyway) and I'm back to worrying about extreme things like losing the house and dying of starvation. Good grief. How stupid is that?


  1. It's not "stupid" it's "depression."

    That's depression talking. It's not real.

  2. I'd say that it's the old man trying to worm his way out again and claim that God isn't Who He says He is.

    For which, of course, all you can "do" is go to absolution. To hear God say exactly Who He is - He is the God of love and mercy and forgiveness. And even if you did lose the house and died of starvation, that forgiveness is, in the end, enough. Because, as Elephantschild said, it's not "real" - our reality is Jesus. His body is our house, His flesh our bread.

    All of that said, you won't be homeless and dying of starvation. I think that there are too many people (us included) who won't allow it!

    But as important as that is, it's still not the most important thing. The most important thing is that God forgives you for your "stupidness."

    Something I find myself in constant need of remembering here lately...