Sunday, January 03, 2010


As a rule, a man's a fool:
When it's hot, he wants it cool;
When it's cool, he wants it hot;
He's always wanting what is not.

I gave haircuts today. I trimmed Alia's bangs. Gary was quite overdue for a buzz-cut. Andrew was forced into a trim; we can see his eyes now. Maggie decided she wanted shorter hair. I did the Curly Girl trim, one little lock at a time.

See these perfectly round, beautiful curls on the floor?Aren't they gorgeous? There are women who get perms and spend hours with their curlers to get curls that aren't anywhere near this beautiful.

And yet, those who have curls like this wish for a hair straightener.

"As a rule, a girl's a fool...."


  1. I like my straight hair, but I do miss the blonde color it used to be. Here's hoping lots of sunshine next summer will bring back highlights. ( I don't like the idea of ptting chemicals on my head on purpose.)

  2. Susan, could we barter for hair cutting???
    I need a trim and with your experience with Maggie's hair and my own cah-raa-zeee curls/frizz--- perhaps we could have these 60 year old locks looking a bit more stylish,hey?
    Name your price!!!(anything up to half my kingdom)(really!)

  3. Leah's in Nevada so I'm free after class this week. Do you want to come over on Thursday? I can't do anything more than what you saw on Maggie -- essentially what would be a blunt cut for straight hair, but one curl at a time.

    As for naming my price... how about you just remember to bring the tea? Or ... actually ... I have been intending to get your way to buy some more of that cod liver oil. Hate the stuff, but it does to my mood what it's supposed to do. :)

  4. Rebecca, you're not blonde any more? Was that from being indoors to work so much, or a result of pregnancy?

  5. Maggie, you are beautiful. And you say you want curls. Now I have to recite Pastor's rhyme again: "As a rule, a girl's a fool...." :-)

  6. Susan
    Thursday is good for me.
    I'll bring the tea-if i don't remember on Wed nite choir.
    I also can bring the (yukky) cod oil!