Friday, January 08, 2010


I can carry a 10-pound bag of flour across the kitchen. Alia (my 1-yr-old granddaughter) can't.

My big strappin' son Andrew could give me a piggy-back ride across the living room. I cannot give him a piggy-back ride 2 miles to the grocery store.

There are some things it is impossible for us to do.

But then there's that fuzzy middle. Sometimes I can physically do something, or I can make time for it, but there will be repercussions. Maybe there are things I used to have the physical strength to do--no problem. I'm not to the point that the task is impossible for me. But if I tackle it, there will be pain or exhaustion that really interferes with life the next day.

So then, can I do it, if that's the case? If I can mow the lawn, but that takes all my energy and all my time, so that there's no time for cooking supper or running errands, doesn't that mean I can't?

I just don't know what to think. And it comes up in so many areas. Finances. Time management. Things that are emotionally draining. Exercise. Yard work. And more.

I think maybe the hard part about this is the prioritizing. Young folks can always work "a little faster and a little better." But there comes a point when increased efficiency just ain't possible. And then you have to admit that important stuff is going to be neglected. And that's not happy.

I guess it's all part of accepting aging. I wish they hadn't taught us so thoroughly in school that you can be Whatever You Want To Be, if only you work hard enough toward your goal.


  1. Ouch. That hits home, a little too close to home. :)
    (and I love the Mike Mulligan reference!!)

  2. Boy, do I understand every word of this! Especially the last 2 days. We had the most snowfall at one time as we have had for several years (since I became responsible for it). Yesterday I got the blower going one time. Great! The next two times I scooped by hand and by then, I was throwing it up on a high heap. Today I am aware of many muscles. Was thrilled the blower started for me today. But doesn't God want me to stay as independant as possible?

    Today I can tell we have an ice dam. There is water dripping out of the vents in the overhang, forming icycles. This is not good. Dad used to scoop the roof and then we rigged up a hose to the kitchen faucet and, together, we sprayed hot water onto the roof. This does not seem to be a wise decision for me alone. I called the roofer who is going to put a new roof on next summer. So is it a question of having to make choices to the best of our ablities - and simply accepting what we can no londer do? It's not easy for us hard-headed Germans.