Friday, December 25, 2009


Ten days straight without sun. (Well, there were a couple of minutes on Sunday morning during church when a beam peeked through the stained glass.) The 10-day forecast calls for "partly cloudy" next Tuesday. And only Tuesday: the rest is overcast and snow.

If somebody had not eaten for 4-5 days, a person who said, "Gee, you look hungry!" would not be disapproving of the person's discomfort for being hungry.

But what if somebody looks sad and droopy because she has not seen the sun for 10 days? Is she supposed to just chipper-up? Should a person be able to control her body's response to light-deprivation more than she can control her body's reaction to food-deprivation?

I think it's high time to start goofing off with regard to work, and time to start playing the piano more, watching funny movies more, and reading something fun to Maggie.

♫ Oh, Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun,
please shine down on me! ♫

♫ Sunshine on my shoulders
makes me happy. ♫


  1. You know, back at the beginning of Dec, I spent 15 minutes in the same room as my MIL's fake-sun seasonal affective disorder lamp. It was like a box of happy, and I wasn't even sitting in front of the stupid thing - my back was to it.

    I couldn't see how they could possibly work. I mean, it's not real! But. I want one. Now!

  2. To EC:
    I'm a friend of Susan's from Church and I deal in Natural foods,etc. The SAD lamps DO work-just do your research and find a good quality one. Also, lightening up on sugar intake as well as taking an adequate amount of Vit D every day is very helpful.
    I do agree with Susan's prescription as well-playing piano, reading to Maggie, etc.

  3. LOL. Cheri, the one who keeps telling me to be lazier! :-)

  4. I just wish the lamps weren't so expensive. The really good ones seem to be well over $200. My MIL's dr. wrote her a scrip and so her health insurance paid 80% of the cost of it.

  5. I have a doctor's appointment for my foot next week. You don't suppose I could sweet-talk him into giving me a prescription for a lamp too??