Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Lion Shall Lie Down with the Lamb

I've lived in Wisconsin a long time. No dangerous snakes. No scorpions. Virtually no deadly spiders. There are certain times of year where your outdoorsy preschooler may be covered with welts from mosquito bites. But overall, it's a pretty safe place.

Katie has told me about the fire-ant hills and the snakes and scorpions and the other nasty critters in Texas. She has to watch out for Alia when they go outside to play.

So when we hear during Lessons & Carols that the baby will be playing outdoors by the snake holes, and the toddlers will be stickin' their little hands into the den of venomous snakes, it sure sounds different this year. That's something that was just words to me before; I could intellectually assent to the coming of peace and safety Isaiah describes. But wow, those words probably sound completely different to mommies who have to keep their kids away from rattlesnakes and fire ants.


  1. Cock roaches, anyone? We've got plenty of those down here, but thankfully I haven't seen rattlesnakes or fire ants.

  2. Here in NC, this is most certainly true.