Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Decorations

Because the four oldest weren't here to help with tree-decorating this year, and thus unwrapping these tangible memories, I thought they might want to mosey down Memory Lane via photos.

Beeswax ornaments from our honey lady in Clinton. Local honey for a good price. And she had to think of something to do with the wax; she had a variety of beeswax candles and decorations. It was one of our first fieldtrips with our homeschool group, and we returned to Vaenoski's often.(I was amazed to see that these had survived a hot summer in the attic -- something that destroyed our Advent candles.)

From our trip to Sarasota (with much appreciation to Jane's mom and Wicked!). One day we visited Mote Marine Aquarium. Fantastic place!

The lighthouse at Ponce Inlet. From our trip to Daytona (with much appreciation to my parents!).

From our visit to the EAA Museum. All the time we lived up there, we never actually visited the fly-in or museum. But when Gary had a pastors' conference in Oshkosh one year, we went along to enjoy the hotel pool. While there I took the kids to the museum.

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