Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Decorations

Every year the girls had to wear these as earrings. Hey, we only have two left. I wonder if Rachel and Katie have a pair each at their houses?

Katie tried to convince me these were hers. They weren't, and I wouldn't let her take them when she moved away from home. But she looked forward to pulling them out every year. She can see them only when she comes to visit. But the rest of the kids should let her have them after her father and I die.

Gary used to be in the Giraffe Club. This was from Mom to go with the other giraffes in the giraffe collection. The hook broke off his little head, so now he hangs by floss. Not the best, but it works.

Ornaments I made as a kid. I think the craft kits from Montgomery Wards were probably Christmas or birthday presents.

The first year we were married, we realized we had nothing for the top of the tree. No star. No angel. No money to go buy one. No idea what to choose for something that would last for decades.So Gary cut a star shape out of the bottom of a cardboard box and we covered it with foil. If you look closely, you can see the round indentations from the food cans that were shipped in the box. The star was a temporary fix. (Ya laughin' over that??) After about 15 years, somebody suggested we buy something nice for the top of the tree. Well, after that little piece of cardboard has moved with us repeatedly, decorating the top of the tree for nearly 30 years, do you really think I'm going to let go of it now?


  1. Thanks for posting these mom, it just puts a smile on my face.

  2. Ah, you're just saying that because you want the "Joy" when I die... LOL.

  3. Great stories--thanks for sharing, Susan! :)
    Our tree went topless the first couple of years until we found a nice star that we could afford (yes, we still have it 11 years later).

  4. Love the star! And apparently it's indestructible! And I painted some ornaments just like that little wood elf when I was a kid, too. This is the first year I didn't use them because we didn't put up the tree in our basement. It was nice to see your tree - even if only the ornaments!