Wednesday, December 16, 2009

History Tidbit

The things you learn as you're teaching your kids...

American soldiers in the first century of the country were excellent marksmen and sharpshooters because the young men had been shooting their suppers. Kids would sometimes take rifles to school so they could shoot something on the way home. Or kids would be told to go out into the woods until they'd shot enough squirrels, crows, rabbits, quail, whatever, to feed the family that night. Their aim was well-practiced before they ever ended up in the military.


  1. I found that out not through history, but by reading an article in which the military (Marines specifically) was saying it is becoming increasingly difficult to train new recruits. Kids today just DO NOT have what it takes to be soldiers. Not the discipline. Not the physical fitness or endurance. Not the marksmanship skills. And not many other skills besides.

    That's not to say that they aren't getting good guys, too. They are. But they have to turn away a lot of guys they'd rather not turn away because they just can't take the time to bring them up to where they should be before they ever even enter the military. These days, if you want to join, it's suggested that you take some time training before you even apply just to make sure you're ready.

    In all of that, they mentioned how in the past, people had the skills to become soldiers before they ever joined - the military just taught them how to apply those skills. Like what you were saying...

  2. Which also makes me wonder... If we had to institute a draft today - how would that even work?

  3. This sounds like something my husband (a gunnersmate in the military) would embrace whole-heartedly. "Here, Audrey. Take my rifle and get us some dinner." I can hear it already.