Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Lights

Everybody around here leaves their outdoor Christmas lights on all night. When you drive past houses in the daytime, you can usually see the tree in the front window lit up. The power company warns us every November that next month's bill will be high due to colder weather, more days on the billing cycle, and extra energy use for holiday celebrations and lighting.

When I was little, I remember waiting for dusk and asking Mom and Dad when we could turn on the tree lights or the outdoor lights on the porch. The 25th was the ultra-special day when the Christmas-tree lights could be ON during the daylight hours.

My big problem with turning the lights off (to extend the bulb life and to save on electricity) is forgetting to turn them back on again the next evening!

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  1. Ah, we share genes! I haven't figured out how to work the outside timer (haven't really tried), so usually don't turn them on. It means going out in the cold to unplug them at bedtime and I'm not about to do that. Half of one strand on the prelit inside tree is not working. Bulbs look dark. I've looked, unsuccessfully, for more matching bulbs. Since I don't feel comforable about that many out (and the cause) I've only had those lights on a few evenings.