Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I get to play chimes with Pam and Kara for Lessons & Carols on Sunday. Oh boy! And I get to play the drum for one of the songs. Oh boy! I like being in choir. Yes, I do!

I never played chimes or handbells before. Kara and I have to share one of the chimes, and pass it off between us. Kathy, the choir director, told me it helps to practice with spoons. So yesterday I had my teaspoon, tablespoon, serving spoon, and mixing spoon lined up on the dining room table, "ringing" them according the music. Andrew laughed at me. But boy, it helped a lot! Reading music isn't enough for chimes or handbells. There has to be some coordination too. Yikes -- for that I need practice! But practice with the real chimes (and the real live children's voices) went much better today. Yippee!

Now the question is whether I can sing and play the drum at the same time.

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  1. Hi Susan! I couldn't help responding to this post. We went to Fort Wayne for Ken's Call service and while there I was recruited to fill in for the handbell group. The sole reason was that I could read music... wow was I a disappointment to the... and I was relieved when dil Rachel took the bass clef and all I had was the one treble clef left...