Thursday, November 26, 2009


As of this morning on our way home from church, I didn't know what we'd be having for Thanksgiving dinner other than the standard:
mashed potatoes

But by the time we sat down at 1:45, we added to the "standard":
roasted Brussels sprouts, carrots, onions
steamed corn
cranberry jelly
applesauce muffins
our regular, daily, homemade bread
kombucha, wine, milk, water

And for supper, we had our apple pie and pumpkin pie which we prepared yesterday, as well as some treats prepared by the friends who had us over for dessert.

Not bad for wingin' it.

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  1. Our most memorable "winging" it was the year Dad had been in the hospital for three weeks and was in rehab. On Wed. afternoon, when we learned they would be doing minimal (or less) therapy on Thanksgiving, Fri. Sat, and Sun., we asked if he could go home. No one was even thinking a meal for Thursday. It turned out like the regular Thanksgiving feast - with none of the worry and long prep.