Monday, November 23, 2009

Evenings Out

Friday night was a video at church on women's ordination, with discussion afterwards.

Saturday night we attended the symphony. It was a student show, so I figured it would not be too far above my head. I was amazed by how quiet it seemed, when there were 3-4 times as many strings as there are at church for festivals. I guess that just shows how little a room our church is.

Sunday evening was a wine-and-poetry party for six couples. Quite enjoyable.

Tonight is Didache, which I'm not normally attending this year. But tonight's story is on Jesus' suffering and death, and I'm just plain ready to soak up 90 minutes worth of preaching on John 18-19.

Two days proofreading the final draft of Nancy's thesis.

Paul due home on Wednesday evening. There will be only six of us for Thanksgiving dinner unless we can entice some friends to join us. Kids are gone for a day (mid-Friday to mid-Saturday) for further filming on a zombie movie. (Yes, I'm rolling my eyes.) And then we have to be ready to head to the airport on Sunday afternoon.

I'm looking at what needs to be done around here, and I'm basically out of time until December 8. Yikes!

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